Alpha 22

Hey everyone, it’s Neezzle here. I’ve been navigating the world of 7 Days to Die for what feels like ages now, and the anticipation for Alpha 22 is getting to me. Let’s talk about what I’m hoping to see in this new update.

The idea of Alpha 22 finally coming to consoles is like a dream about to become reality. As a console player, I’ve watched the PC version evolve and couldn’t help but feel left out. Now, it’s our turn to dive into these new updates and I’m all for it.

Adding raider camps to the game would be amazing. Picture this: not only do we have to fend off zombies but now we have these raiders to contend with. It brings a fresh layer of strategy and adrenaline that I’m totally here for.

Then there’s the whole thing about vehicles. I’m not just talking about a new coat of paint or an extra seat here and there. Imagine if our vehicles sounded and felt like real cars? It’s small details like that which can take the experience from good to great.

The conversation about light sources and farming mechanics is something that caught my eye too. Imagine a more realistic approach to lighting and a better, more engaging way to farm. It’s these little things that can really elevate the survival aspect of the game.

But let’s not forget about the bugs. While new features are exciting, a game that runs smoothly without glitches is what I really want. It’s high time those pesky bugs get squashed.

So, as we inch closer to Alpha 22, I can’t help but feel a mix of excitement and nerves. Will it live up to our expectations? Will it bring new life to the game? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure – I’m ready for whatever the Fun Pimps throw our way. Bring it on Alpha 22, I say. Let’s make this survival journey even more epic.

Neezzle, a die-hard 7 Days to Die fan.

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