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How to change form of payment?

Subscription is a form of contract between customer, us and the payment processor (Paypal or Stripe). Changing the form of payment (credit card, Paypal account etc) would require the customer’s consent and changes in the payment processor. We have it on our roadmap, but at this moment is not possible. That said – once attached, remains there for the entire life cycle of the subscription. If you would like to alter your payment method, a good idea is to wait till your subscription is almost at an end.  Then create a new subscription with the new desired payment info, cancel the old (expiring) subscription, and then transfer your server information and files from one server to the other. To help this process, on the canceled subscription there will be “MOVE” button. Note, you cannot move a higher plan onto a lower plan (must be the same or higher) . We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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