FarmLife V3 – A Guide to the Best 7 Days to Die Farming Mod

Survival is the name of the game in 7 Days to Die, and the FarmLife V3 mod takes that to a whole new level. This farming mod includes a robust array of farming, animal, and food features that could easily make it its own game. From growing crops and raising animals to even brewing your own beer, the sheer volume of survival goodness that’s added with this mode is staggering.

In this post, we’ll give you a rundown of the most critical features of the FarmLife V3 mod and a few tips to help you get started.

FarmLife V3 Features

This mod focuses primarily on farming and cooking. After installing it, you get a whole host of custom items, tools, workstations, and resources.


Like with most crafting endeavors in 7 Days to Die, Workstations are a key component to making the recipes found in FarmLife V3. What’s essential to remember is that each station requires its own set of tools to put together the recipes. Think of it as a kitchen simulation of sorts. You wouldn’t try to cut something on a Chopping Board with a Meat Hanger. Here are a few examples:

WorkstationCrafting MaterialsCompatible Tools
Chopping Board10 x Walnut Wood PlankDamascus Knife, Zhang Cleaver, Pizza Cutter
KitchenAid20 x Forged Iron10 x Mechanical Parts10 x Scrap PolymersDough Hook, Veggie Attachment, Ice Cream Bowl, Meat Grinder, Grain Miller, Pasta Helper, Mixing Bowl, Food Processor
Gas Oven20 x Forged Iron10 x Mechanical Parts10 x Scrap PolymersBaking Sheet, Pizza Stone, Pyrex Bakeware
Table with Workstations, Crafting Materials & Compatible Tools


Every good kitchen needs a handy set of tools. Your newly farm-enhanced base is no different. The Tools found in FarmLife V3 are essential for essentially “setting up” Workstations to accept new recipes. For instance, to make a Cheese Pizza, you need a Gas Oven with a Pizza Stone installed.


Seeds were already a part of 7 Days to Die. FarmLife V3 just cranks that all up to 11 by adding a lot more into the mix. This set includes seeds for trees and herbs. You can gather seeds either by exploring the world, trading, or crafting them through crops.

Animal Pens

If you’re going to be putting together a proper farm, you need a place for your animals to hang out. Not only does it keep them safe, but also it turns them into a reliably, persistent source of essential resources, such as eggs, milk, and meat. Each of your pens needs a few additional resources to house animals, including feed and pitchforks. When a pen becomes full, it means it’s ready to be harvested.

Drink & Food Recipes

Besides the farming aspects, FarmLife V3 adds a ton of different food and drink recipes to keep you nourished in the post-apocalyptic world of 7 Days to Die. There are a lot of real-world foodstuffs here to make and enjoy, including alcoholic beverages.

Quick Start Tips for FarmLife V3 Mod

  • Do the supplied quests that come with the mod. These essentially are a series of well-thought-out tutorials that’ll teach you all of the mechanics and basics.
  • Keep a quick reference of all items handy so that you can plan out your Workstation and Tools priorities.
  • Organize your land appropriately so that you can have all of your crops placed in groups instead of having them scattered and mixed together.

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