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7 Days To Die – Do all players have to install mods?


I want to add mods to my server, but I don’t know if it is required for every single player to have to download the mods in order to enter our server. What do I do on my end in the server settings?


  1. There are two types of mods. Server-side-only mods (which are mods that just need installed on the server) and client-side-mods (which need to be installed on the server and client-side (downloaded) for them to work). You need to find Server Side Mods so people don’t have to download them. Most big mods like overhaul/modpacks are client-side.
  2. Server-side mods are mods that use prebuilt (already in the game) assets/resources/etc – Since they use stuff already in the game, people will not have to download those. Client-side mods are mods that introduce NEW aspects into the game, using new resources, images, assets, etc. With those, the client will have to download those to have the resources/assets/images on their PC as well. Mods like Darkness Fallls, Undead Legacy, War3zuk are all client-side what means you have have them installed both on server and client side.

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