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The A21 Dashboard Map is a critical feature in the A21 B317 dedicated server environment, serving as a navigational tool for players to enhance their gaming experience. However, setting it up can be a challenging task, especially when players face issues like not being able to see the Web Map even after account creation. This article aims to shed light on common problems and their solutions.

Common Issues

Missing Web Map

One of the most frequent issues is the missing Web Map on the dashboard. Players who have created an account using the createwebuser command often report that they only see the Console, Settings, and Mods options on the dashboard, but the Web Map is missing.

Possible Reasons:

  1. Web Permissions: The webpermissions.xml file may not be configured correctly, leading to restricted access to the Web Map.
  2. Server Configuration: The server might not be properly set up to display the Web Map.
  3. Client-side Issues: Sometimes the issue might be on the user’s end, such as browser compatibility or disabled JavaScript.


Web Permissions

Check the webpermissions.xml file and make sure that it is correctly configured. The permissions should be set to allow access to the Web Map for authenticated users.

<!-- Sample webpermissions.xml --> <permissions> <user name="player1" access="webmap"/> </permissions>

Server Configuration

Make sure that your server is configured to display the Web Map. Ensure that all required modules and dependencies are installed and up-to-date.

Client-side Checks

Ask the player to try a different browser or ensure that JavaScript is enabled. Some features may not work correctly if the browser is outdated or if JavaScript is disabled.


Setting up the A21 Dashboard Map can be a tricky process, but understanding the common issues and their solutions can make the task easier. Ensuring proper web permissions, correct server configuration, and addressing client-side issues can go a long way in providing a seamless experience for players.

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