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On February 2, 2021, Valheim’s early access launch. Since then, the game’s modding community has been actively enhancing it with their changes. The game makers may decide to incorporate Valheim’s mods or at least similar mechanics into the finished product.

In this sandbox survival game, the player takes control of a Viking in search of Valhalla. The many Valheim mods were developed because the game is still being developed to make it simpler and more enjoyable. In this article, you’ll find all the information you require regarding the Valheim mods, along with a list of some of the most well-liked ones.

The Best Valheim Mods

We present you some of the best Valheim mods that will spice up your game.

  1. The Valheim Plus

With balancing, stat modifications, and some adjustments to the production and processing speeds of fermentation and smelting, Valheim Plus is a comprehensive mod that may be the first significant makeover mod.

The sophisticated building and editing system, however, will appeal to players who spend a lot of time working on their bases. Instead of destroying and rebuilding stuff, you can move building materials and other objects along the x, y, and z axes and adjust their placement once they have been made. If you’re determined to construct the Viking fort of your dreams, you should check out this mod.

Best Valheim Mods
Best Valheim Mods
  • Forever Build

The structural design of Valheim’s vanilla building system is one of its most outstanding features; without a certain level of support from below, constructions can collapse.

But in singleplayer mode, go crazy if you want to have some fun by creating sans restrictions. You can construct as high and as far as you like because each piece will feel firmly supported.

  • Hearth and Home Old Food Statistics

The food system saw significant adjustments with the Hearth and Home update, with nearly every meal in the game receiving a new value. The fact that each meal just increases the player’s health or stamina, no longer both, has some people upset.

When the most recent patch nerfs your meal, it can be unpleasant to spend a lot of time and effort gathering rare items. Use the Hearth and Home Old Food Stats add-on to give your well-earned meals the stats they merit.

  • Fight Club

There are times when your buddies need to be put in their place, and the Fight Club mod will help you do that. Without this update, a player who defeats a friend in Valheim loses skill points and must return to their death location to retrieve any dropped stuff.

Fighting is now lot simpler thanks to the Fight Club mod; all you have to do is challenge a friend to a duel and engage in combat. In a contest, nobody has to perish, and there’s no danger of losing stuff or skill points either.

  • Epic Loot

If you’re getting a little tired of making everything yourself and want to spice things up with some tough armor or weapons, check out Epic Loot by Randyknapp, which increases the variety of loot available in Valheim.

 This implies that you will have the opportunity to obtain a unique item with a randomized rarity and magical abilities if you open chests, kill foes, or defeat boss battles. These drops can be pretty rare, just like real magical swords and armor, but that only highlights how exceptional they are when they appear.

  • BuildShare

Have you ever been so impressed by another person’s creations that you wished you could recreate them? Players in Valheim can store and load their structures at will, thanks to the BuildShare mod.

You can copy and paste the construction and place it precisely where you want it if you built the ideal base and want to replicate it all over the map. A competent builder can now share their creations with the Valheim community if they have created something you like.

  • Valheim Legends

To become a renowned Viking, you must distinguish yourself from the competition. Because Valheim Legends introduces six new character classes to the game, each with unique special skills, you are no longer limited to playing as a generic Viking.

 Choose from classes like Druid, which can call down meteor strikes and conjure angry vines from the ground, Ranger, which provides you improved stealth and ranges attacks, and Mage, which lets you hurl fireballs.

  • Clock

In Valheim, keeping track of the time can be challenging, particularly when engaging in combat in gloomy biomes like the Swamp, where the sun isn’t always visible. You can easily keep track of the time with the help of the clock mod, allowing you to hunt during the day and return to your camp before sunset. Although it isn’t the most eye-catching mod on the list, this one is beneficial if you want to escape enemy attacks at night.

  • BoneMod

Ever dreamed you could change your character’s skeleton? BoneMod enables you to achieve that, even though it might not be at the top of your list of things to do. You can alter the size of specific bones to give yourself enormous hands or to transform into an absurdly large Viking (opens in new tab). This mod may change any portion of your body that you wish. Make sure that you can still fit into your base when you’re finished.


These mods should feature everything you require if you’re looking for a different way to play the Viking game’s Valheim without using console commands or want to alter some of the more laborious aspects of it.

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