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A21 Issues

Captains Log 6.15.2023

  • At the Present time we are aware of issues with our Webpage Control Panel and A21. These issues include :
  • Adding Players/Admins – Sometimes you can add players and when you save they dont show in the list BUT Are in the Listing when checked == Starting/Stopping/Killing/Restarting of Server Operations == Changing Maps (Right now Please start the server initially installing with Navesgane then later we can change to other maps == In Some Cases the entire Config file Flushes out and doesnt save
  • Manual Map Uploads and Map Selection is also having difficulty due to the Control Panel not accepting changes/uploads == We have found that in some cases there is an Error that our system didnt recognize before are we are trying to work around this problem so servers will function again
  • The Extended Configuration is presently Unavailable and we hope to have that going at some point please bare with us. Please be patient as we are working thru these issues. Sadly we are not officially partnered with the makers of 7 Days to Die so we were unable to get our hands on A21 ahead of time to try and get it working prior to its release.

Update on Console Matter with A21.

Some console commands are working but they are not Echoing back in the log. For Example if you add an admin via the Console you can use admin add ##### 0 where the #### is the PID or Player Identification Digit on the server. For example usually the first user to join the server is 171 so it would be admin add 171 0 It might not echo that the admin is added but when you are in game you can hit F1 and use cm and dm for the creative and debug menus. This also Activates Admin mode. You can then do saveworld and it should show your saving your game.

7d2d.net A21 Upgrade Guidelines

1] If you are a current user Please Download your World File incase you wish to go back to it.  Under MANAGE tab you will see Files&Mods
    And you can download your world from there.
2] Go to Configure Tab and you should see Distributions & ModPacks.  In there you will see an installer for A21.

Once the Process is complete the server should fire up and you are good to go just double check your configuration.
And remember you need to start a fresh save to best exerience the new version.

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