Things You Wished You’d Figured Out Earlier in 7 Days to Die

Every gamer has experienced those enlightening moments when they discover a feature or strategy that could have made their gaming journey so much smoother. ‘7 Days to Die’ is no exception. Here’s a blend of community-shared “Aha!” moments and researched tips that can elevate your gameplay:

1. Block Rotation with ‘R’ Key

Many players were taken aback by the revelation that the ‘R’ key was used for block rotation. Some even admitted to spending “1k hours and only just now found out” about this function.

2. Misunderstood Controls

We often create our own workarounds when game mechanics aren’t immediately clear. A player candidly shared, “I always thought R was forward, and going back was left click.”

3. Dismantling Cars with Wrenches

Cars aren’t just obstacles or cover; they’re a treasure trove of resources. When taken apart with wrenches, they can yield valuable finds such as empty glasses, iron, oil, and cloth fragments.

4. Prioritize Natural Resources

Especially during the early stages of the game, resources like wood, stone, and plant fibers are essential. Don’t wait until you’re in dire need; start gathering early.

5. Loot Everywhere

The apocalyptic world of ‘7 Days to Die’ is filled with hidden resources. Whether it’s containers, corpses, or abandoned buildings, make sure to search them all.

6. Dual Ranged Weapons

Always have a plan B in combat. Keeping two different ranged weapons ensures flexibility in combat situations and a backup should one fail you.

7. Team Up

Surviving the apocalypse is more fun and efficient with friends. Share responsibilities, pool resources, and strategize together for a more enjoyable experience.

8. Strategic Base Selection

Your base is your sanctuary. Choose its location wisely, keeping in mind defense, resource accessibility, and strategic positioning against the undead.

9. Leverage Online Resources

There’s a vast community of players sharing their experiences, tips, and tricks online. Dive into tutorial videos and guides to speed up your learning curve.

With a game as expansive and detailed as ‘7 Days to Die’, there’s always something new to uncover. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, these insights can sharpen your survival skills and enhance your in-game experience. Here’s to fewer face-palms and more victorious moments in your future gaming sessions!

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