The A21 Solar Panels – My Struggle

Hey fellow gamers,

Man, oh man, have the A21 updates given us a run for our money, or what? So, here I am, trying to set up my base with some green energy, and guess what? Solar panels have become the unicorn of our post-apocalyptic world!

Let’s rewind a bit. Back in the day, around day 30 in the game, traders were practically throwing solar panels at us. I remember strolling through the trader’s inventory and sighing, thinking, “One day, you’ll be mine.” But, fast forward to when I finally had the coin to splurge on these bad boys, and poof! They vanished like cookies at a kid’s party. Now, I’m on day 92, deep in the forest with a loot stage soaring over 200, and the only thing I’ve seen is Trader Bob flaunting one lonely lvl 4 panel. Yeah, Bob, not cool!

And it’s not just me; the chat’s flooded with folks sharing their solar panel sob stories. VarrikTheGoblin had this epic strategy, flying around with his gyrocopter, hopping from one trader to another like a kid in a candy store. And guess what? The dude managed to find four level 6 solar panels by day 77. Lucky him, right?

Meanwhile, some players are coming up with hacks, like spawning the panels in, selling them, dropping the coin, and then buying them back. Yeah, that’s how desperate things have become.

But hey, every cloud has a silver lining. Some of our gaming gurus have offered alternative solutions, like ZirePhiinix’s genius idea of charging one battery bank with another. It’s not solar power, but it’s something. And then there’s the age-old debate about wrenching solar panels off roofs. I swear we could do that before, but ElRocketman says otherwise. Who knows?

I even heard some folks using mods to craft their solar panels. I mean, if we can craft a chopper from scratch, why not a panel or two?

All in all, it’s been a wild ride. But hey, that’s what makes the game exciting, right? Challenges, strategies, and a bit of banter in the chat. Let’s see what the next update brings. Fingers crossed for more solar panels!

Catch you in the game!


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