Ravenhearst Mod – New update


Ravenhearst 8.5.4 is for play on 20.5b2 Stable ONLY

EAC MUST be disabled while playing this mod

-Fixed Description Repair Info for Taza’s Stone Axe

-Fixed Screws being added to rebar frame recipe Working Grills no longer yield a grill and resources

-All Grills Now Work Properly. They Cook and Turn On and Off Normally

-Added Missing Tiered Ferals

-Worms No Longer Scrap

-Compost No Longer Can Compost Itself

-Separated Night Terrors/AOO Monsters etc into their own modlets so they can be removed safely by those who wish to have zombies only

-Lowered Exploder and Vomiting Custom Zeds Damage

-Fixed description for Farm Quest Displaying wrong LOTL Table Unlock Level

-Urban Warfare Vol 1 Now Craftable in Research Desk

-Oak Cooker Now Displays recipes properly

-Tiered Building Tools: Stone Axe Upgrades to Scrap and Cobble, Hammer upgrades to Iron an Concrete, Nailgun upgrades to Steel

-Fixed Menu Items Reading KgNone

-Removed Copter Corpse

-Added Hornet

-Added Riding Lawn Mower by Zilox and ocbMaurice found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/2281  Grass shows up on ground as collectible bags much like arrows.

Following can be removed without messing up the game:

-1_Ravenhearst_NightTerrors  (Removes Night Terrors)

-1-AOOMonsterPack  (Removes Monsters)

-1-AOONightWatchers  (Removes Watchers and Mutated Animals)

-1-SoldierPack  (Removes Soldiers)

-1-YeOldeUndeadPack  (Removes Skeletons)

-OcbBetterPlants  (Removes Random Grow Timers on Plants)

-PickLockedDoors  (Removes Lock Pickable Doors)

-Ravenhearst_FarmingPlantsWiltAndDie  (Removes Crops Wilting and Dying)

-Ravenhearst_FarmingZombiesTrampleCrops  (Removes Zombies Trampling Crops)

-JaxTeller718-ZombieReach  (Shortens Reach Lower Than Vanilla. Remove this to go back to vanilla reach on zombies)

-Sprinklers and Pipes now cover 3×3 area instead of 5×5

-Added All Ores to Perks. RH Ores are now part of the in Game Perks

-Wrenching a Recycler gives you a 70 percent chance to receive a collapsed recycler. Can be used to craft a working one.

-Fixed Hydroponic Seeds Nulling

-Added Corpse Blocks to Zombies

-Updated Spherecore

-Enemies No Longer Die in Morning

-Adding Journal and Loading Screen Tips for Recycling, Composting and Breeding

-Lock Picked Door Timers are now Persistent

-Fixed Not Being Able to Craft Scrap Materials in Forge

-Worms Now Scrappable in Recycler

-Fixed Name on Chili Tacos

-Removed Hematite and replaced with other ingredients

-Fixed Localization on Hydroponic Items

-Fixed Cannabis Not Growing to Fertilized Stage 3

-Upgraded rh_house_LB_001 to Tier 2

-Increased Ingredients to Make Compost and Fertilizer

-Removed Worm recipe. Have to Dig Now.

-Clarified Irrigation a bit on Tips and Quest

-Super Nailgun now Accepts All Building Materials

-Lowered Sound on WFU

-Lowered Construction Tool XP

-Increased Mining XP

-Fish Farms, Chicken Coops and Beehives no longer wilt and disappear

-Oak Raven Crates Material, Health and Repair Items Adjusted

-Oak Raven Chests Now Give Back Chest When Destroyed

-Reduced Fire Boss Damage

-Removed Fire Chicken

-Fish Should No Longer Require Water to Grow

-Chicken Coops Should No Longer Require Water

-Zombies Will No Longer Spawn on Empty Farm Plots

-Added New Night Sounds

-Replaced some music on the radio with more appropriate ambience

-Added Trowel, Screwdriver and Kitchen Knife. Not useable in game but placeholders

-Lowered craft times on Composter and Hoe

-Living off the land no longer gives bonus crops. Only LOTL 5 gives a bonus harvest. Fertilize the crops.

-Hazmat Suit is now Light Armor

-Armoured Hazmat Renamed to Wasteland Armour

-Increased Time in between Drink Wellness and Food Wellness

-Sprains and Strain Kit Recipe Now Medic Exclusive

-Buffed Shortys Stew

-Buffed All Smoker Foods

-Smoker recipe now exclusive to chef

-Ergonomic Mod Added to Miner and Lumberjack Class

-Smoker Foods Recipe Added To Shamway

-Clarified descriptions on all Hazmat Pieces

-Fixed Hazmat T5 Stats

-Removed Flour from Personal Workbench

-Fixed Invisible Male Corpse Issue on Gore Blocks

-Lowered time for zombie to turn to gore to 1 tick

-Increased Dead Body Hit Points

-All Water will now be damaged by crops. 5 Points of damage per cycle

-Removed Problematic Fish Models

-Water Range for Crops reduced to 3×3

-Added Fish Tackle Box For Storing Fish

-Added Smell To All Raw Meats and Fish

-No Durability armor items now Display on UI Paper Doll

-Fixed Aloe Cream Scrapping to bone

-Hazmat Suit Now Shows On Paper Doll

-Coffee wellness Reduced from 3 to 1

-Dented Cans Now Has Same Dysentery Values

-Corspses Now Harvest Bone Fragments

-Removed Hang Glider and Helicopter from Loot in Prep to Remove Completely

-Addeed Box Truck, Old Semi and Work Truck Schematics to Tier 5 Loot

-Fire Boss Now Appears Only On Blood Moons after GS 500

-Fat Puker now only appears on Blood Moons after GS 1000

-Reduced Block Damage on Both

-Increased Breed Timers on Fish Farm to 240 minutes

-Adjusted Stats on Fish Food

-Lowered Sell Price on Fish Food

-Fixed Description on Wasteland Armor

-Fixed Recorder Journal Tip

-Added Radio Broadcasts to Traders

-Lessened Fog

-Brightened Nights Slightly

-Added T5 Crates That Spawn Randomly in Wasteland (Will be Expanded Upon, New World Required to See Them)

-Increased Ores Found In Wasteland

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