How to Change the Bloodmoon?

Are you getting too comfy with the regular 7-day Bloodmoon hordes in “7 Days to Die”? Maybe you’re looking to shake things up a bit by changing the frequency of these adrenaline-pumping nights. Whether you’re aiming for more breathing room to prep or just seeking to test your survival skills a tad more, resetting the Bloodmoon interval can add a fresh twist to your game.

If you’re planning to extend the time between these frenzied nights from the default 7 days to, say, 10 days, you might be scratching your head thinking about when the next horde will come knocking. You’re on Day 39, and you’re unsure whether the Bloodmoon will now appear every 10 days like clockwork (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.), or if it begins counting from your current day (meaning you’d see them on days 49, 59, 69, and so on). Plus, there’s that understandable fear of being caught off-guard, hungry, and shaking in your boots somewhere in the snowy wasteland.

Fear not, intrepid survivors! The answer is straightforward: changing the interval will indeed affect the next Bloodmoon night, and it’s all about patterns.

When you adjust the Bloodmoon frequency to 10 days, you can expect the hordes to show up on the 10s – so, Day 40, 50, 60, and beyond. This ensures you can plan ahead and won’t be caught by surprise. But say you change your mind and want to adjust the interval again, or perhaps you just want to reset it back to the beginning, you can use the handy in-game command:

/settime (DAY) (HOUR) (MINUTE)

This command lets you manipulate the in-game clock, allowing you to align the Bloodmoon to your new interval. It’s like having your own time machine, minus the science fiction headaches.

Remember, the ‘Frequency’ is the minimum number of days you’ll have before the next Bloodmoon, while ‘Range’ is the add-on that sets the maximum number of days it can occur. So, if you had your last Bloodmoon on Day 35 and you set a new frequency of 10 with a range of 0, your schedule for chaos would be Day 45, 55, 65, and so on. No surprises there!

With this knowledge, you can plan, build, and strategize better. Whether you’re reinforcing your base, stocking up on supplies, or just mentally preparing for the next undead onslaught, knowing when the Bloodmoon rises is crucial to surviving the nightmare that is “7 Days to Die.” So go ahead, tweak those intervals, and make the game your own. Just remember: with great power comes great responsibility — and possibly more zombies. Good luck!

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