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How can I change or un-cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Subscriptions can be created and canceled. Details like recurring payment interval and/or plan remain until cancellation. This also includes the form of payment. Once cancelled, subscription can’t be “uncancelled” so it is active again. This operation is irreversible.

In cases like:

  • cancelled subscription you’d like to active again
  • invalid form of payment (e.g. expired credit card)
  • subscription you’d like to re-assign to a different plan or payment interval

it is suggested, that you either:

  • wait until the current subscription expires and you order a new one with the desired parameters
  • or, you contact support, sometimes we may find another solution e.g. refund the remaining part after you have ordered a new one

In both cases if the new plan is equal or higher to the cancelled one, you will be able to move your server to the new subscription (“MOVE” button).

Also: see https://7d2d.net/how-to-change-form-of-payment/

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