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Feedback From Customers

As the gaming landscape evolves, customer feedback remains our primary compass for improvements and innovation at 7d2d.net. Here, we bring you some of the heartfelt praises from our customers, highlighting the exceptional aspects of our service that have not only met but exceeded expectations.

One of our customers, Stormy, expressed their satisfaction with the excellent value we provide, calling out our affordable pricing and generous slots compared to competitors. They appreciated the ease of use, the ability to add mods without issues, and above all, our fast and reliable support. Their positive experience has convinced them to stick with us for their 7D2D server needs and they’re even hopeful for us to expand into Conan hosting in the future.

Our dedication to helping customers resolve their issues swiftly and professionally was evident when Convex highlighted our support staff, particularly Jon from our team. Even when the problem was on Convex’s side, Jon provided much-needed assistance to get things rolling again.

Jeff praised us for the seamless experience they’ve enjoyed with a group of family and friends, emphasizing our stable resources, straightforward mod installation, configuration, and solid connectivity. They’ve found us to be a step above other hosting providers.

Kbombith shared their gratitude for our responsive and solution-oriented approach, rating us with 100% satisfaction. Despite an initial hiccup, they were impressed by how we exceeded expectations and resolved their issue promptly. Kbombith and their family were thrilled with the experience, and they are committed to using our service for the long haul.

Psyr echoed similar sentiments about our fast and efficient support, expressing gratitude for the quick resolution that allowed them to get back to their gaming. They particularly appreciated the efforts of Jon, our dedicated support staff member.

Jedibear also commended Jon for going above and beyond in troubleshooting an issue, stepping in where others had failed to solve the problem. This dedication to customer service even led to calls for Jon to be appointed as the Senior Admin for the Australian Time Zone.

Bailey shared their positive experience using our service for about a year, highlighting our competitive pricing, simple navigation, quick setups, and a wide array of mod and server size options. They appreciated our responsive support and friendly community that helped resolve most of their issues promptly.

Lastly, Naj praised our efficient support that resolved their issue in just 20 minutes, reviving their hope and enthusiasm for the game. This experience not only solidified their loyalty to 7d2d.net but also inspired them to introduce their friends to 7 Days and our service.

The feedback from our customers reiterates our commitment to delivering exceptional value, ease of use, and most importantly, excellent customer support. We remain dedicated to improving our services further to ensure an unmatched gaming experience for our users.

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