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7 Days To Die: Corrupted region files

Have you tried flushing your remotely cached maps?

Thinking that maybe some part of the map that was downloaded could’ve become corrupt on your local box… but it could be a bit of a long-shot. Performing the steps shown in the screenshots (click the Launch button for 7DTD in Steam) will allow you to download a fresh copy of the map when you try connecting to your server again. If you have the same issue after this, I would agree that deleting your player from the server is likely the only way.

You could try creating a ticket to get help with this, but downloading the world, removing your character, then re-uploading (and activating) the world again would be the way to do this on your own.

Corrupted region files fixer

How to fix 7 Days To Die Corrupted region files
 Corrupted region error

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