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Awakening in Navezgane

A novel by Julian Wrenth

Chapter 1: The Rude Awakening

Aria’s senses snapped into focus as the burning sun pressed against her skin. She felt disoriented, the world around her blurred by a veil of heat and dust. The weight of the desert’s oppressive silence weighed on her, making the rhythmic thump of her heart sound like a drum in her ears.

Pushing herself up, she took a moment to steady her spinning head. The landscape around her was harsh and uninviting, with only the sporadic cacti breaking the monotony of the sand dunes. Every breath she took tasted like grit, and her throat felt like it was lined with sandpaper. Panic started to set in as she tried to recall how she ended up in this desolate place.

Aria’s fingers brushed against the makeshift bandage on her arm, feeling the dried blood beneath it. The wound was a raw reminder that she wasn’t safe. Though her memory was hazy, fragments of a chaotic scene flashed before her eyes – a frenzied chase, desperate screams, and the relentless hunger in the eyes of her pursuers.

She needed to move. The desert was no place to be vulnerable. Looking around, she spotted the silhouette of a house in the distance, standing as a solitary guardian against the relentless expanse. It looked old and battered, its windows boarded up and its walls scarred from what looked like years of neglect. But to Aria, it was an oasis.

Gathering her strength, she began her journey towards the house, each step feeling like a monumental effort. The desert seemed to stretch on endlessly, but determination fueled her steps. As she drew closer, she noticed the remnants of a makeshift barricade outside the house, now lying in shambles. It was clear that this place had seen its fair share of battles.


Pushing open the creaking door, she stepped inside. The coolness of the interior was a welcome relief from the desert’s heat. But the quietness of the house felt eerie. It was a sanctuary that bore silent witness to the horrors of the world outside.

On a dusty table, Aria spotted a worn-out map of the area marked with various symbols and notes. It seemed like someone had been tracking safe routes and resources. This could be her lifeline. Determined to make sense of her situation and find her way out, Aria decided to make the house her temporary haven.

But as night approached, she realized that in the world of Navezgane, when the sun sets, the real dangers come alive.

Chapter 2: Echoes of the Past

The dim light filtering through the boarded windows cast a muted glow on the room, revealing layers of dust and decay. Aria moved cautiously, her steps echoing softly in the empty space. The remnants of a life once lived lay scattered around her: a child’s toy, a broken clock, and the faded photographs of a family she didn’t recognize.

In the corner, she found a moth-eaten armchair, its cushion still indented from its last occupant. Beside it lay an old leather-bound journal. The pages, yellowed with age, held the desperate scribblings of someone who had witnessed the world fall apart.

“Day 34: The world isn’t what it used to be. The dead walk among us. At first, we thought it was a sickness, something that would pass. But it only got worse. The streets of Navezgane are no longer safe.”

Aria continued to flip through the pages, each entry painting a grimmer picture than the last. The writer spoke of a community that tried to band together, of nights spent fending off the relentless undead, and of the pain of watching loved ones turn into monsters.

“Day 87: We found refuge in this house. The barricades have held up so far, but food and water are running low. I’ve marked a few places on the map that might still have supplies. Tomorrow, we venture out.”

A chilling realization dawned on Aria. The house’s previous occupants might never have returned from their expedition. She felt a deep connection with the journal’s writer, their words resonating with her own sense of confusion and despair.

Suddenly, a faint noise broke her reverie. A rustling sound, followed by a faint groan. Aria’s heart raced as she realized she wasn’t alone. Emerging from the shadows, their movements slow and deliberate, were the grotesque figures she had tried to escape. Their pallid flesh hung loosely, eyes empty, but with a singular focus – her.

Quickly scanning the room, Aria found an old baseball bat. Its wood was worn and splintered, but it would have to do. As the first creature lunged, she swung with all her might, its head snapping back with the force of the blow. But where one fell, more took its place.

The chilling entries in the journal were now her reality. The night in Navezgane had only just begun, and Aria was about to experience firsthand the horrors it held.

Chapter 3: Surviving the Night

The once silent house was now filled with the sounds of combat. Each strike Aria landed was met with a sickening crunch, but the undead kept coming, their numbers seemingly endless. Every room became a battleground, every corner a potential ambush.

Gasping for breath, Aria managed to barricade herself in what appeared to be a child’s bedroom. The faded wallpapers adorned with cartoon characters were in stark contrast to the grim reality outside. She took a moment to gather herself, wincing as she felt the pain from fresh scratches and bruises.

On the bedroom floor, she found a small backpack. Inside were a few bottles of water, some canned food, and, most importantly, a flashlight. As she sipped the water, the grim reality of her situation set in. The night was far from over, and she had to find a way to survive until dawn.

Using the flashlight, Aria explored the rest of the house. In the basement, she discovered a hidden stash: a shotgun with a few shells, some medical supplies, and a radio. She bandaged her wounds, the pain easing slightly with the application of an old first aid kit.

With her newfound weaponry, Aria felt a surge of confidence. She decided to use the radio, hoping to find a signal or perhaps another survivor. After a few minutes of static, a voice crackled through.

…anyone out there? This is Redwood Base, we have a safe zone. If you can hear this, head north. Stay off the roads and avoid the cities.

A lifeline. A beacon of hope in the dark night.

But the respite was short-lived. The noise from the radio attracted more of the undead. They began to converge on the house, their groans growing louder and more aggressive.

Aria steeled herself for the battle ahead. With the shotgun in hand, she fought her way through, room by room, determined to see the sunrise. Each shot echoed like a thunderclap, its sound a testament to her will to survive.

As dawn began to break, the relentless assault of the undead began to wane. Exhausted, bruised, but alive, Aria stood amidst the aftermath. The night had taken its toll, but it had also shown her a glimmer of hope. Redwood Base and the promise of safety loomed in her future, but for now, she reveled in the victory of having survived her first night in Navezgane.

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Chapter 4: The Search for Humanity

As the first rays of dawn painted the horizon, Aria emerged from the house, the weight of the previous night evident in her tired eyes. But there was no time to mourn the loss or reflect on the horror she had faced. The message from Redwood Base played on a loop in her mind, guiding her next steps.

She began her journey north, avoiding the main roads as advised. The landscape of Navezgane was a mix of haunting beauty and utter devastation. Abandoned vehicles littered the roads, buildings lay in ruins, and nature seemed to reclaim its territory with every passing day.

During her trek, Aria stumbled upon an old campsite. The remnants of a firepit, an overturned tent, and discarded belongings suggested a hasty departure. Among the scattered items, she found a map with markings and notes. Some highlighted areas to avoid, while others pointed to potential safe zones and supply caches. The most notable marking was a circled area with the words “Redwood Base” written next to it.

Feeling a renewed sense of purpose, Aria followed the map’s guidance. Along the way, she encountered small pockets of the undead but, with her experiences from the previous night, she either evaded them or took them down with practiced ease.

However, it wasn’t just the undead she had to be wary of. Signs of other survivors were everywhere – from makeshift barricades to warning signs. One such sign read, “Trust No One.” It was a stark reminder that in this new world, the living could be just as dangerous as the dead.

One evening, while scouting for a safe place to camp, Aria heard faint voices. Curiosity led her to a group of survivors huddled around a campfire. Their wary eyes watched her approach, but there was no hostility, only a shared understanding of the struggle to survive.

They introduced themselves as members of a larger group that had been separated during a supply run. Among them was Leo, a former medic, who offered to tend to Aria’s wounds. Grateful for the gesture, she shared her story and her quest to find Redwood Base.

The group confirmed the existence of the base and its reputation as a stronghold against the undead. They too were heading in that direction and proposed traveling together. Safety in numbers, after all.

As the days turned into weeks, Aria and her new companions faced numerous challenges. From scavenging for food and water to defending against horde attacks, their bond grew stronger. They shared stories of the world before, mourning their losses and celebrating small victories.

Together, they navigated the treacherous terrains of Navezgane, with the beacon of hope that was Redwood Base drawing ever closer.

Chapter 5: The Final Stand

The days had merged into one another as Aria and her group ventured closer to Redwood Base. The landmarks from the map provided guidance, leading them through dense forests, across rivers, and over treacherous mountain passes. The journey was fraught with danger, but the hope of sanctuary kept them moving.

One evening, as they set up camp in a clearing, they heard a deep, rumbling sound in the distance. The ground vibrated beneath them, and a cold sense of dread washed over the group. They weren’t alone.

Emerging from the treeline was the largest horde they had ever seen. The undead, drawn by the noise and light of the campfire, moved with a singular purpose: hunger.

Aria and the group sprang into action. Leo and a few others hastily built barricades using whatever they could find, while others lit torches, creating a ring of fire around the camp. Aria, with her trusty shotgun, took a defensive position, ready to protect her newfound family.

The battle that ensued was both chaotic and brutal. The ring of fire slowed the horde but didn’t stop them. Every shot fired, every weapon swung, was a desperate attempt to hold the line. The night was filled with the sounds of combat, the screams of the undead, and the cries of the living.

Hours seemed like days. But as dawn approached, a strange calm descended. The horde’s numbers began to dwindle, and the survivors, fueled by adrenaline and sheer determination, pushed back with renewed vigor.

As the first light of day broke, the clearing was littered with the remains of the undead. The group, battered and exhausted, took a moment to catch their breath and tend to the wounded. The night had been their most challenging test yet, but they had faced it together and emerged stronger.

Later that day, as they approached the coordinates marked on the map, the sight that greeted them was beyond their wildest dreams. A massive fortified base stood tall against the backdrop of the mountains. Watchtowers, walls lined with defenses, and the distant hum of generators painted a picture of hope.

Redwood Base was not just a myth; it was a testament to human resilience and ingenuity in the face of the apocalypse.

Aria and her group were welcomed with open arms. The community inside had managed to create a semblance of the old world, with farms, workshops, and even schools. It was a beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

The journey had been long and perilous, but Aria had found more than just safety. She had found a purpose, a family, and a place to call home.

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