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60 best items to loot in 7 Days to Die A21

In the harsh, unforgiving world of 7 Days to Die Alpha, savvy looting can mean the difference between survival and demise. As a seasoned survivor, I’ve scoured the wastelands and compiled a list of the top 60 items worth looting, each with its unique benefits. Here’s an expanded guide to help you navigate the loot landscape with finesse.

  1. Newspaper Dispensers and Mailboxes: An unassuming yet rich source of mechanical parts and vital journals. It’s fascinating how these relics of the old world still hold value.
  2. Potted Plants: Who knew these decorative items could be scrapped for valuable clay soil? It’s a reminder that resourcefulness is key in this new world.
  3. Chairs: Every chair holds potential – scrap them for quick wood or iron, critical for fortifications and tools.
  4. Double Beds: Beyond comfort, these yield cloth fragments and sometimes hide unexpected treasures underneath.
  5. Office Chairs: These mundane items are surprisingly rich in leather, essential for crafting in the early days of survival.
  6. Wood Piles: Quick and easy to break, these are a more efficient source of wood than the traditional tree cutting.
  7. Stone Brick Blocks: Easier and faster to break than natural stones, these remnants of collapsed structures are an excellent source of stone.
  8. Ground Tires: A rubbery bounty, these old tires are perfect for polymer needs.
  9. Dead Bodies and Strange Piles: Macabre as it may be, these yield bones, rotting flesh, and other essentials for survival.
  10. Cotton Plants: Ubiquitous in the forests, these plants are the fastest way to craft cloth fragments, a staple for basic needs.
  11. Luggage Cases and Garment Bags: These remnants of travelers past often contain glasses with attribute or experience bonuses, alongside useful polymers.
  12. Destroyed Forges and Cement Mixers: Stumbling upon these ruins can yield the coveted “Forge Ahead” journal, along with other building materials.
  13. Tree Stumps: A surprising source of honey, which is invaluable for treating infections.
  14. Farms: The living crops on these farms can be harvested immediately, providing much-needed sustenance.
  15. Wild Animals: The forests and fields are teeming with chickens, rabbits, and snakes, all quick sources of meat.
  16. Deer and Boars: The nocturnal deer and elusive boars provide a meaty bounty for the patient hunter.
  17. Glue Crafting: A simple yet crucial recipe involving water and bones, vital for numerous crafting endeavors.
  18. Duct Tape: This versatile material is frequently rewarded in early quests or can be crafted from glue.
  19. Murky Water and Paper: A grim yet practical find in toilets across the wasteland.
  20. Fresh Water: The life-saving dew collectors provide water automatically, a godsend in the parched landscape.
  21. Pass’n’Gas Shops: These roadside havens are excellent for quick supplies of food and murky water.
  22. Savage Country Shops: Abundant in clothing, these shops are a treasure trove for scrapping into cloth fragments.
  23. Electronics Shops: Ideal for scavenging electrical and mechanical parts, as well as valuable journals.
  24. Crack-a-Book Stores: For those seeking knowledge, these bookstores are goldmines.
  25. Pop’n’Pills POIs: These locations may hold the elusive beakers needed for advanced chemistry crafting.
  26. Medical Cars: A source of vital medical supplies, from painkillers to antibiotics.
  27. Service Trucks: Often overlooked, these vehicles contain items crucial for advanced crafting.
  28. Forged Iron: Necessary for crafting your first wrench, these can be found, crafted, or bought.
  29. Cooking Grill and Pot: Found in kitchens or craftable, these are essential for preparing nourishing meals.
  30. Car Wrenching: Dismantling cars not only provides various resources but also a chance for engines and batteries at half health.
  31. Parking Meters: A quirky source of electrical parts and some extra dukes.
  32. Gas Pumps: These relics of the past yield forged steel and iron when dismantled.
  33. Light Fixtures: An often-overlooked source of electrical parts.
  34. Air Conditioners: A bounty of parts, pipes, and brass radiators await those who dismantle them.
  35. Radiators: As expected, these yield radiators, crucial for certain crafting recipes.
  36. TVs and Computers: In the ruins of offices, these devices are ripe for scavenging electrical parts.
  37. Sinks and Toilets: Surprisingly, these can be dismantled for pipes, an essential component in many

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