7 Days to Die vs Diablo

Okay, so hear me out. I had this late-night thought the other day, and I can’t shake it off: “7 Days to Die” kinda feels like it’s leaning into “Diablo” territory. Sounds weird, right? But there are some bits and pieces that got me thinking.

Dungeon Crawling… Or Building? So, I’ve been running these Points of Interest in “7 Days to Die” again and again. It reminds me of those long hours I spent dungeon crawling in “Diablo,” looking for better gear and skills. I mean, sure, it’s zombies vs. demons, but the loop? Pretty similar, if you ask me.

Questing, Looting, and Missing That RPG Vibe I’ve always hoped “7 Days to Die” would feel more like an RPG. Don’t get me wrong, it’s got its charm, but there’s something about the balance between questing and looting that feels… off? “Diablo” nailed the whole questing vibe, and sometimes I wish our zombie game had a bit more of that flavor.

Zombie Predictability? Give Me A Break Remember when zombies in “7 Days to Die” were like wild cards? Man, I miss those days. Now it’s like I can almost predict their next move. It’s like they went to zombie school or something. And while “Diablo” had its predictability with character builds, at least it was all about strategy.

All About the Gear Item comparison in “7 Days to Die”? Kinda there, but nothing like the madness in “Diablo.” I mean, I spent way too much time in “Diablo” comparing gear, looking for that perfect piece. In “7 Days,” it’s more like, “Oh cool, a new thing.”

So, What’s the Deal? Look, maybe I’m just connecting dots that aren’t there. But it’s fun to see similarities in games that are, well, pretty different on the surface. Whether you agree or think I’ve had one too many late-night gaming sessions, it’s cool how games can stir up these thoughts. Happy zombie hunting… or demon slaying, whatever floats your boat.

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