7 Days To Die vs ARK: Survival Evolved

The realm of survival games has expanded vastly in recent years, with titles like “7 Days To Die” and “ARK: Survival Evolved” claiming their spots as fan favorites. Both games share the core aspect of survival, but they offer unique experiences that appeal to different kinds of players. Let’s break down the primary differences and similarities between these two games.

Setting & Environment

  • 7 Days To Die (7DTD): The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. The environments are dilapidated towns, cities, and wastelands, which all bring about a feeling of desolation.
  • ARK: Players find themselves stranded on an island filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. From tropical jungles to snowy mountains, the variety of biomes is extensive.

Survival Mechanics

  • 7DTD: The primary threat comes from zombies, especially during the Blood Moon event when massive hordes attack. Players must also contend with hunger, thirst, and potential injuries.
  • ARK: Beyond the immediate threats of powerful dinosaurs, players have to manage hunger, thirst, and weather conditions. They also have the opportunity to tame and ride dinosaurs.

Building & Crafting

  • 7DTD: Players can scavenge materials from the world to build fortresses and craft tools. Over time, the game introduces more complex crafting options, allowing for diverse base designs to fend off zombie hordes.
  • ARK: The building system is quite intricate, with structures ranging from simple huts to massive fortresses. Crafting also includes creating weapons, tools, and even advanced machinery.

Multiplayer Aspect

  • 7DTD: Players can join servers where they collaborate with others to survive zombie waves, trade resources, or, in some cases, battle against other players.
  • ARK: The game encourages multiplayer interaction, be it teaming up to tackle larger dinosaurs, joining tribes, or engaging in PvP combat. Some servers also have unique rules and themes, further diversifying the multiplayer experience.

Graphics & Art Style

  • 7DTD: The game adopts a more realistic art style, depicting a ruined world with a constant looming danger.
  • ARK: With its vibrant landscapes and detailed dinosaur models, ARK offers a more polished visual experience, although it can be more demanding hardware-wise.

Modding & Customization

  • 7DTD: The game has a robust modding community. Players can add new items, tweak gameplay mechanics, or overhaul the entire experience.
  • ARK: ARK’s modding community is one of its strong suits. From additional dinosaurs to new islands and gameplay modes, the possibilities are vast.


While both “7 Days To Die” and “ARK: Survival Evolved” fit under the survival game genre, they cater to different tastes and gameplay styles. If you’re into a grim, post-apocalyptic setting with waves of zombies, 7DTD might be your pick. However, if the idea of living and surviving in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs intrigues you, ARK is the game to try. Either way, both games promise countless hours of thrilling challenges and adventures.

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The realm of survival games has expanded vastly in recent years, with titles like “7