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Due to its living, breathing environment and dino-centric focus, Ark: Survival Evolved continues to be the most well-liked survival-based sandbox game available. Over time, the game has split into several add-on packs, and the modding scene has done the same.

If a player feels the vanilla game is missing, they can upload mods to their server to change it and smooth out some of the game’s more harsh edges. Here are the top mods for Ark that players can download to give the core game much more substance and depth.

The Fame of ARK Survival Evolved 

Since its release in June 2015, Ark Survival Evolved has consistently ranked among the top 3 survival games, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The game came out at the same time as a tonne of other survival games, such as Rust, H1Z1, and DayZ, which essentially destroyed the genre.

The excitement surrounding dinosaurs immediately expanded after Ark appeared and enticed the initial wave of gamers to the island with the promise of dinosaurs. The number of players in the game is typically over 50k at all times, well exceeding the numbers of H1Z1 and the competition, more than six months into the early access phase.

How did they manage to maintain their success? Here are our ideas on how Ark: Survival Evolved has been able to retain its player base while attracting new ones, even though a lot of it was due to dinosaurs.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a popular survival game that has a large modding community, with many players creating and sharing custom mods that add new features and gameplay elements to the game. Here are some popular mods for ARK: Survival Evolved:

  1. Structures Plus (S+)
  2. The Center
  3. ARK: Total Conversion Mods
  4. Annunaki Genesis
  5. Jurassic ARK
  6. ARK Additions
  7. Super Structures
  8. StackMeMore
  9. Plant Species Z Seed
  10. Eco’s RP Decor

The ten best Survival Evolved Mods 

We’ve got a list of the top Ark mods, so don’t worry. These features everything you need to spice up the dinosaur-based survival action, from rideable dodos and turtles to volcanoes and pirates.

  1. Upgraded Dinos

Even for groups, the Improved Dinos mod introduces rare spawning dinosaurs that yield better blueprints and should be more challenging to defeat than the standard Ark dinos.

Big alpha dinos and extra-large, extra-deadly raptors are among the unusual variants to seek out. Also in development is the lethal obsidian carnotaurus, with its scales of gleaming black and grey. All of the dinosaurs in this mod are currently untamable, which is a shame.

  1. Improved Centre 

Some still hold the long-held belief that humans are the center of the universe. Some people find the idea of being at the center of everything appealing, and more people see it intriguing to find out what is at the core of any world.

There is a hub in the Ark universe known as The Island, but it isn’t as impressive as it could be. This patch adds a tonne of new geological features for you to uncover and explore, including an enormous floating island, an island shaped like a skull, a mountain covered in monkey sculptures, and underwater domes.

  1. Riding dodos

The opportunity to ride your own dinosaur is just one of the many (great) reasons why so many people have visited the Ark. However, rideable dodos have always been lacking. The stupid birds were before maybe a little too small to support the weight of an adult human, but not anymore!

The Rideable Dodo mod makes all of this difference. Maybe you’re selling it too high. But it does mean that you can finally realize your fantasy of flying off into the distance while perched atop one of those awkward birds. Live out your dream!

X Best ARK Survival Evolved Mods
10 Best ARK Survival Evolved Mods
  1. The Volcano

The Volcano map is around the same size as the vanilla map. It features five distinct biomes that are home to all dinosaurs, including the Aberration and Extinction animals. There is also a tonne of resources to be found there. 

There are also boss arenas from Island, Scorched Earth, and young wild dinosaurs. It is unquestionably a remarkable setting with 15 caves to discover and explore, some of which require you to swim underwater to find hidden relics.

  1. NPC Bush Folks

Being a solo player on The Island can sometimes make it feel a little lonely. There are plenty of dinosaurs nearby, but what if you prefer the company of people to deal with actual live players?

NPC By placing human NPCs in the bush who behave as any other species would, Bush Peoples aims to solve this problem. They will hike, engage in conflict with one another and the dinosaurs, and generally expand the perception of the world’s size and complexity.

You can tame and arm these humans as a personal army because they all function in a manner similar to that of dinosaurs. Funny enough, you could even mount them or urge them to procreate. NPC Bush Peoples bring another intriguing aspect to ARK. However, you decide to use them.

  1. Dome of Death

According to the legend, nefarious corporations created new kinds of dinosaurs and several other terrifying beasts inside the Dome of Death. They left behind riches that are now waiting to be claimed after they let all of their experiments run amok and left the institution.

A map mod called The Dome of Death is as beautiful as can be, considering how challenging it is. Only Ark veterans with extensive experience need apply, and they will even spend much of their time fleeing rather than pursuing their new foes.

  1. Pirate World Ark

The awesomeness of pirates is well recognized. Finding a solid pirate-themed video game without turning to classics like Sid Meier’s Pirates! Thankfully, Ark Pirate World is attempting to increase that list by at least one game.

The island-dotted map of Ark Pirate World, a comprehensive conversion mod with options for solo and multiplayer play, is home to various settlements and loot to discover. Get a ship, explore and raid other ships, look for wealth, form a naval tribe, and create your port town.

  1. Halo

You might recall the first time you looked up and saw the ring-shaped planet circling above you in the sky if you played Halo: Combat Evolved. You should feel a little bit nostalgic for that time while playing this Halo map.

The second mission of Halo: Combat Evolved, “Halo,” always lacked something. We mean dinosaurs when we say “je ne sais quoi.” Nothing compares to recreating one of the most iconic moments in first-person shooter history while being pursued by one of those animals.

  1. Contemporary Architecture

Your tribe has progressed to the late game and wants to construct a more remarkable structure than its simple homes and forts. The obvious solution is to build a vast, elaborate castle to demonstrate their power.

Advanced Architecture, the winner of the official ARK Mods Contest, enables you to do that. Players have access to the Royal Engineer’s Workstation starting at Level 40, allowing them to build all the components required for such enormous architectural feats. Although they use expensive and time-consuming resources, the results are amazing to see.

This works best on a PvE server with a helpful tribe nearby. If you try to construct this with hostile players nearby, I won’t be held liable for what occurs.

  1. Additional Turrets and Turret Tools

With a variety of elegant new turrets, protect your well-earned base in elegance. With the use of fire, oil, web, armor-piercing, and explosive rounds, potential intruders will either flee or be put out of commission in various terrible ways.

It’s also easier to use your plush new defenses. Now that your killing machines no longer require manual refilling, you can artistically rain death on your enemies without worrying. 

How to Create Custom Ark Modifications

If you still don’t find any of this interesting, you might want to quickly review Studio Wildcard’s instructions for making your own mods so you can make your own toys rather than utilising others’.

The Unreal Engine 4 Editor has been altered to create the Ark Dev Kit, which includes all of the game’s source images, maps, and blueprint classes. Although you aren’t allowed to mess with the C++ source code, you may still change a lot of things, including the behavior of AI, weaponry, and creatures.

For further options, you might be interested in learning more about this mod that offers a tonne of furniture to the game, or maybe you’d like a mod that lets you create themed biome bases to showcase and keep your favorite creatures.

X Best ARK Survival Evolved Mods
10 Best ARK Survival Evolved Mods

How to Activate Cheats for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

The greatest cheats and commands for ARK: Survival Evolved are listed below, but before we do that, you should be aware that in order for the cheats we add to the game to work, the admin option needs to be enabled when creating the game. After selecting this option, we must visit the console to enter the cheats; the exact steps depend on the platform:

  • PC

By using the TAB key, we can access the console and submit a command. The console can then be closed by pressing the TAB key once more.

  • PS4

 we must pause the game and click the following buttons. R1+L1+Square+Triangle.

  • Xbox One

The same steps as for the PlayStation 4, but using the buttons LB+RB+X+Y.

General Commands and Cheats

  • You can find cheats for unlimited life, instant death, resources, and much more in the section below.
  • GMBuff: Enable God mode to activate and gain infinite stats, invisibility, and experience points.
  • ShowMyAdminManager: Open the admin interface.
  • LeaveMeAlone: God mode, but without experience.
  • God: You drown in the water while in God mode.
  • Suicide: It results in instant death.
  • Addexperience:  You get to level 105 after reaching 10000000 0 1. It also levels up if you ride an animal or dinosaur.
  • Facetame: Kill the dinosaurs and dragons on the screen if you want them to be tamed.
  • Setplayerpos X Y Z: The player will appear at the specified coordinates, X Y Z.
  • When you teleport, you move in the direction you are looking.
  • Ghost: Fly and break down walls.
  • Fly: By pushing, you are able to fly.
  • Walk: When you walk, you come back to the ground as if you were in the air.
  • Slomo X: You walk much more quickly. X must be a positive number between 1 and 5, and it controls how quickly you’ll walk.
  • Destroyall X: Kill any adversary you place on the X and destroy it. Take caution since it will eventually reappear.
  • Destroyallenemies: Kill all the opponents, but remember that they will come back.
  • DestroyMyTarget: Destroy whatever you are looking at, including scenery and objects.
  • SettimeofDay X: The day will advance to the specified hour and minute by replacing the X with a time in the HH: MM format.
  • Saveworld: Saves the island’s status as a world.
  • Execsetsleeping X: Choose True in place of X to put the character to sleep. He will become awake if False is set.
  • Enemyinvisible X: If set to True instead of X, opponents won’t be able to see you. If set to False, your invisibility will end.
  • HideTutorial: Turn off the in-game instructions.
  • Kill: Only deal death to the target adversary or building.


Every online game has a hacking issue, but Arks’ public servers have been terrible, leading many players to give up in annoyance after having all their bases destroyed and their belongings looted. Although it is possible to switch from a public server to a more closely watched private one, for the game to thrive, the shared servers should set a good example of a hacker-free environment rather than the contrary.

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Best ARK Survival Evolved Mods

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