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NitroGen is a random world generator. It creates customizable random worlds for 7D2D. Configures your own personal world.Damocles created NitroGen, a random world generation tool for 7 Days To Die. NitroGen allows users to customize their procedurally created worlds while also assisting in the generation of large worlds!

NitroGen is an alternative to standard RWG generation with seeds. Note, NitroGen requires Java. For an 8K map, world generation will typically take about 4 to 5 minutes.


-type of landscape (currently included are Forests, Alpine Mountains, Canyon Desert, Rocky Hills)

-the number and size of cities and towns

-the general number of POIs and smaller settlements (Farms, trailerparks, old western towns, etc)

-4k, 8k, 16k (experimental) or custom dimension maps

-the player start positions (far away, close to towns or random)

-the number and position of traders (close to cities and towns, or far in the countryside)

-even import your selfmade hightmap (play on a realworld terrain or a cat picture)

-spawn together in Multiplayer, and spawn near a town if you want

-the number of traders

-[dedicated server, Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls (see bottom of the post)]



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