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7 Days To Die: Troubleshooting

Finding logs

Go to My Servers > Manage

Scroll down.

If you are looking for an error, you will find it in the Console log:

7 Days To Die Console log
Displays console with the command line

Game Fixer

Go to My Servers > Manage 

Find Backups/Fixer

7 Days To Die  Backups
Backups and fixer button

Once you are in Backup/Fix Tool, you will see the display with a few options:

7 Days To Die admin panel
Backup and Fix Tool Options

You can :

  1. Go back to one of your previous backups –
  1. Restore a player version (with certain level, items etc.) –
  1. Restore a region (a piece of the map) –
  1. Delete player version –
  1. Delete region version –

Tasks scheduler

Go to My Servers > Manage 

Find Scheduler

7 Days To Die  Task Scheduler
Scheduler button

In the Scheduled tasks panel, you are able to schedule 2 actions:

  1. Restart the server
  2. Execute a command

Choose a restart or command option, type a command to execute (only with COMMAND option), set up the time and press the Add button

Once you add a scheduled task, it will be visible at the top of the page: 

7 Days To Die Command Jobs
Options to be scheduled

To remove a scheduled task, simply click Remove Task: 

7 Days To Die commands
Remove task button

Networking problems

If you have networking problems, 

Go to My Servers > Configure 

Scroll down and find Server Disabled Network Protocols:

7 Days To Die Networking problems
Shows server disabled network protocols

Change from SteamNetworking to LiteNetLib, scroll down and click to restart the server and see if the networking problem has been solved. 

If not, there is one more action you can take: 

Scroll down and find EAC Enabled parameter: 

7 Days To Die EAC enabled
EAC option

Uncheck the box, make sure EAC is OFF, scroll down and click to restart the server and see if the networking problem has been solved.

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