7 Days to Die servers Hosting

Step By Step Upgrading Your War3zuk Server

War3zuk Upgrade Instruction

1. Manage Server >> Files & Mods >> Download your world.zip file

2. While on the same page Click on CONFIGURE >> Distribution & Modpacks — Activate the Install for War3zuk and Alpha 20.6

3. Make sure to download and install from https://supercraft.host/files/War3zuk-Alpha-20-7.8.zip and upgrade the War3zuk Files on your Computer.

4. Once the install is done. Upload your Map (Manage >> Files & Mods) Once installed, Activate and restart your server 5] ENJOY The Makers of 7 Days to Die and the Makers of War3zuk do not guarentee world compatibility. Download your world as a satety measure and having a backup just in case.

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