My Week in 7 Days to Die A21: A Noob’s Perspective

Hello everyone,

Just a week into the game, and here I am, thoroughly engrossed in 7 Days to Die A21. It’s amazing how it’s slipped under my radar for so long, especially considering my hefty hours logged in Minecraft, Valheim, and Fallout 4. This game hits that sweet spot of base-building and mob fighting that I’ve come to appreciate. Here are some thoughts I’ve gathered in my first week.

Firstly, the guns. The automatic weapons here are a refreshing change from the norm, maintaining damage despite a faster fire rate. The trade-off? They’re quite loud and munch through ammo. It’s a simple yet effective strategic element that doesn’t undermine the weapon’s value, and I appreciate that.

Let’s discuss enemies, particularly the infected hounds. If I had to label a nemesis in this game, it’s them. These creatures have caught me off-guard more times than I care to admit, leading to some pretty tense encounters.

On the topic of guns, something that struck me was the naming conventions. The AK-47 and M-60 stand out as the only fully named guns. The other weapons have more ambiguous or somewhat inaccurate names, while some like the Desert Vulture make a nod towards real-world firearms. It’s not a deal-breaker, but a bit of uniformity or more consistent naming theme could be interesting.

One aspect I found pleasantly surprising was the inclusion of functional vehicles and ladders. It’s a small detail, but one that adds an unexpected layer of realism and practicality to the game, setting it apart from many others.

However, there are certain areas I wish were a tad easier. Breaking down built structures or repairing gear seems to be more costly and time-consuming than it should be. Some tweaks in this department could improve the overall experience.

The crafting system is another highlight for me. Alternate workstation shapes and the ability to craft more practical things, like wood-burning stoves, would add another layer of depth to the base-building aspect. This, coupled with the game’s interesting character progression systems, keeps me engaged and coming back for more.

Looking forward, I’m interested to see how the game evolves. Features like sleep/fatigue or even sanity could add an extra dimension of realism and complexity. All in all, 7 Days to Die A21 has been a surprisingly engaging experience, and I’m eager to see where it takes me next.

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