A21 Known Bug List

As we navigate the complexities of our preferred survival game, it’s essential to stay informed about the issues currently experienced by our fellow gamers. These issues, whether they concern perks/buffs, Points of Interest (POI), Prefab Editor, Random World Generator (RWG), game performance on different platforms (PC, Linux, Mac), quests, vehicles, or entities, often shape our overall gaming experience. Let’s break down these issues:

1. Perks/Buffs Issues: These challenges affect the performance of different perks or buffs. For instance, there are discrepancies in the Demolitions expert perk/atom junkies effects on exploding bolts/arrows, healing inconsistencies, and Dysentery buff’s mismatched description. Additionally, the food bar does not refill after death if the food was lowered and the shift + W key is held on respawn.

2. POI Challenges: Several issues are affecting the Points of Interest, with most relating to structural integrity (SI) issues, hidden loot, zombies getting stuck, and missing POIs. The problems span from non-painted blocks in business_burnt_02 to stability issues in cave_03 and rwg_tile_industrial_cap.

3. Prefab Editor Issues: Prefab Editor has numerous bugs, like null ref errors when switching through parts too quickly, ArgumentOutOfRangeException when accepting quests with no rally marker, and terrWaterPOI not being highlightable or replaceable.

4. Random World Generator (RWG) Issues: RWG shows water in incorrect places, experiences console errors, has road issues, and encounters difficulties with advanced generation. Different machines generate different RWG maps using the same seed, highlighting further inconsistencies.

5. PC, Linux, and Mac Issues: For PC users, long play sessions can result in improper game shutdowns, and high-end AMD cards may struggle with ultra settings. Linux users may experience crashes when generating RWG worlds, and push-to-talk voice chat might not function properly. Mac users, on the other hand, may encounter crashes, screen tearing, and ARM64 crashes.

6. Quests Issues: Quest issues include void exposures due to resets or cr, failure of treasure maps read at bedrock, and buried supplies quests sometimes failing on activation.

7. Vehicle Issues: Vehicles may catch fire without showing flame particles, bicycles can explode, and colliding with a player in a vehicle does not cause them damage. Additionally, hit boxes on 4×4 vehicles appear to be too large.

8. Entities Issues: Entities, including zombies, animals, and other entities, present various challenges. Some zombies can push players into the void if they fall on top of the player in a one-wide hole, while timid animals can get stuck on chairs. Radiated zombies stop healing between 80-90% health.

9. Robotic Drone Issues: Issues with the Junk/Robotic Drone range from repeated dialog VO to instances of duplication. Drones also have WIP pathing issues that are currently being addressed.

10. Twitch Integration: Twitch integration issues revolve around extension commands, vehicle repairs, and action extras in the options menu.

11. Water Issues: Water issues include buckets having a white texture and water not flowing properly. Gaps in bodies of water also move as players explore.

All these challenges are continually being addressed by the game developers and the active community. While the list might seem overwhelming, it’s a testament to the game’s complexity and depth, and resolving these issues will only make the game more enjoyable. Remember to report any new bugs you encounter to assist in improving the gaming experience.

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As we navigate the complexities of our preferred survival game, it’s essential to stay informed


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