7 Days To Die vs Conan Exiles

Ah, the realm of survival games. Vast, immersive, and quite honestly, adrenaline-pumping! Two major contenders that have dominated our gaming hours are “7 Days To Die” and “Conan Exiles.” Both offer rich experiences but are also distinct in their own right. So, how do they stack up against each other? Let’s dive in.

The Setting & Atmosphere

7 Days To Die: Imagine a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead. The environments are a blend of urban decay and wilderness. Every seventh night, a blood moon rises, and the zombie horde becomes especially aggressive, leading to some pretty intense gameplay.

Conan Exiles: Transport yourself to the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. With vast deserts, frozen northlands, and forgotten cities, the world is both harsh and magnificent. Here, survival isn’t just about combat, but also about enduring the world’s environmental challenges.

Crafting & Building

7 Days To Die: Building is at the heart of survival. From crafting basic tools to erecting complex fortresses, everything centers around gathering materials. The game’s physics system also means structures need to be built with stability in mind.

Conan Exiles: Building in Conan leans more toward city-building. You start with simple huts and advance to large, fortified cities. The game introduces a ‘thrall’ system where you capture NPCs to work, fight, or dance for you, adding an extra layer to the survival mechanics.


7 Days To Die: Combat is more about strategy. Given the continuous threat of zombies, especially during blood moon nights, players need to be prepared with traps, fortifications, and weapons.

Conan Exiles: Combat in Conan is more melee-focused and involves a lot of hand-to-hand combat, be it with swords, maces, or your bare hands. There’s also a dodging mechanic, giving the combat a more dynamic feel.

Character Progression

7 Days To Die: Progression is tied to a combination of skill-based upgrades and the equipment you craft. As you perform actions, you get better at them, whether it’s mining, crafting, or combat.

Conan Exiles: The progression system here revolves around leveling up your character and improving attributes. Additionally, there’s a ‘religion’ mechanic where you worship certain gods for special benefits.

Graphics & Immersion

7 Days To Die: The game opts for a more realistic visual style. The day-night cycle, changing weather, and looming threat of zombie attacks keep players constantly immersed.

Conan Exiles: With a slightly more polished look, the game boasts expansive biomes, each with its own ecosystem and challenges. The world feels vast, mysterious, and, at times, utterly unforgiving.


Both “7 Days To Die” and “Conan Exiles” offer engrossing survival experiences but cater to slightly different tastes. If zombies, crafting, and tower-defense mechanics are your jam, 7D2D might be your pick. If you’re into a brutal, lore-rich world with city-building aspects, Conan beckons.

Whichever you choose, remember: survival is the name of the game. Happy gaming! 🎮🌍🏹

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