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10 Common mistakes when hosting a server

When Setting Up a Dedicated Server for 7 Days to Die, Make Sure You Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes

It is possible for 7 Days to Die’s dedicated server configuration to be a difficult process to complete. When it comes to configuring and managing a dedicated server, even the most experienced server administrators are prone to making mistakes. When it comes to installing a dedicated server for 7 Days to Die, there are a number of common pitfalls that should be avoided at all costs.

Making the Wrong Choice in Hardware

When configuring a dedicated server for 7 Days to Die, selecting hardware that is not up to par is one of the most frequent and easily avoidable errors. The player should ensure that the hardware they select can handle the requirements of the game, such as having a powerful central processing unit, sufficient random access memory, and sufficient storage space.

Incorrectly configuring the port forwarding settings

It is not possible for players to connect to a 7 Days to Die dedicated server without first having their ports forwarded. Players frequently make the error of not correctly configuring port forwarding, which can lead to issues with connectivity.

Not Adjusting Server Settings

Configuring the server in a way that provides a fun and even playing environment for all players is absolutely necessary. The settings, such as the number of players, the level of difficulty in the game, and the abundance of loot, should be adjusted to the satisfaction of the server administrators.

Avoiding Data Backups on the Server

It is essential to perform regular backups of the data stored on the server in order to avoid losing data. Players should make frequent backups of their server data, such as once per day or once per week, to ensure that they will be able to restore the server in the event that it becomes corrupted or experiences any other problems.

Neglecting to Perform Routine Updates on the Server

It is absolutely necessary to maintain the server with the most recent patches and updates at all times if one wishes to guarantee the reliability and safety of the server. Players frequently make the mistake of failing to update the server on a regular basis, which can lead to compatibility issues as well as security vulnerabilities.

Lack of Establishment of Server Security

It is essential to have adequate server security to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the server or the data stored on the server. Players are strongly encouraged to utilize robust passwords, turn on two-factor authentication, and connect to the game server via a secure protocol such as SSL or SSH.

Failure to Establish Anti-Cheating Measures

In online games like 7 Days to Die, cheating is a common issue, as is the case with most online games. Anti-cheating measures, such as VAC or BattlEye, should be installed by the server administrators in order to prevent cheating and to keep the playing environment as fair as possible.

Lacking in Providing Quality Support to Customers

When configuring a dedicated server, having access to helpful customer support is absolutely necessary. The administrators of the server should make themselves available to players in order to answer their questions, resolve any problems that may arise, and provide timely updates.

A Failure to Allocate Sufficient Server Resources

To ensure that the server can meet the requirements of the game, it is necessary to allot a sufficient amount of server resources, such as processing power, random access memory, and storage space. Players frequently make the error of not allocating enough resources, which leads to poor server performance and stability issues. Players should avoid this mistake at all costs.

Failure to Perform Tests on the Server’s Configuration

It is essential to test the server configuration in order to guarantee that it will function appropriately before the server is launched. Before the game’s release, players should put the server’s connectivity, performance, and overall gameplay experience to the test in order to identify and resolve any problems that may arise.


A lot of work goes into setting up and managing a dedicated server for 7 Days to Die, but avoiding these common mistakes can make the process go more smoothly and increase the likelihood of it being successful. Players are able to create a fun and stable gaming environment for all players by selecting the appropriate hardware, correctly configuring port forwarding, adjusting server settings, backing up server data, regularly updating the server, setting up server security, enabling anti-cheat measures, providing good customer support, allocating sufficient server resources, and testing the server configuration.

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